The Mitsubishi Mirage G4 has Technology Features to Keep You Happy

If you are looking for a small car that will make it easy for you to get about in La Porte, consider the Mitsubishi Mirage G4. This is a popular compact car and it is set up with technology features to keep you happy when driving. 

The Mitsubishi Mirage G4 provides you with a touchscreen that can be linked to your smartphone. This helps you get set up with all kinds of information and entertainment when on the go. Another feature of the Mitsubishi Mirage G4 that helps you stay happy while driving it is the wireless Bluetooth technology that…

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2018 Mitsubishi Outlander Gives Ultimate Comfort

You will find a variety of features in the 2018 Mitsubishi Outlander that will make your drive comfier and make operating your vehicle easier. An example is the heated steering wheel. This is perfect for cold days or when your car has been out in the cold for an extended period of time. Deicers on the windshield wipers also take the hassle out of cleaning your wipers and ensure that your windshield is not damaged. 

Another comfort feature is the ability to pop open your trunk with a single button. 

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Preventing Blowouts is So Easy

Blowouts are terrifying at best, deadly at worst. Not only can they seriously endanger you and your loved ones, but everyone else on the road. The people of La Porte, TX are known for their concern of their fellow man, so no doubt this simple guide to tire inspection is in the spirit of this community.

Pressure and Tread

Wait three hours before this inspection so the tires can cool. First, test the tread for its minimum requirement of 4/32" by placing a penny in the grooves. If Lincoln’s head mostly disappears, all is well on the tread…

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The Correct Way to Jump-Start a Vehicle with Cables

If you need to jump start another vehicle, we've prepared some tips for you at La Porte Mitsubishi. You'll need a set of jumper cables, safety glasses, and good pair of heavy-duty gloves. After the vehicle is off, open the hood and take a closer look at the battery terminals. If there is corrosion blocking the connection, simply use that wire brush to create a clearer contact point.

Attach the red cable, which is positive, to the plus side of the good car battery and then dead one. 

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What is Horsepower?

If you're shopping for a new or new-to-you Mitsubishi vehicle, you've probably noticed one major selling point of vehicles: horsepower. What is horsepower, and why is it a measurement people use when comparing models? The Mitsubishi sales team at our dealership can help.

Let's travel back to the eighteenth century. Most people did not have access to an engine, and those that did could not accurately compare its power to that of a horse. Enter James Watt, an engineer that hoped to market his steam engines to the owners of coal mines. 

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How to Prepare for a Road Trip Adventure

It may not always feel like it, but it's time to plan for spring break and summer vacation! Whether you take on a staycation in the La Porte area or get your friends and family to join you on a road trip, you can make your next travel experience a more confident one with some advance planning. What should you do to prepare? We can help!

  • Pack for the weather - expected an unexpected weather conditions.
  • Map out rest stops, diners, points of interest, and rest stops before you even think about getting behind the wheel. 
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Overheated Engine? Don't Wait to Fix it

Your engine is one of the most expensive parts on a vehicle. That's why many people get very nervous when they notice anything wrong with it. If you've recently noticed that your engine has been overheating, you probably want to know why so that you can fix it as soon as possible. There are several reasons that your engine might be overheating.

One of the most common reasons is that the coolant is low. It's possible that filling it will solve your problems, but you should also know that you could have a leak in your radiator…

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Schedule Fuel System Service to Maintain Your Vehicle

Drivers need to pay attention to all different aspects of their vehicles. They need to concentrate on brake care. They also need to concentrate on their fuel systems. If you're thinking about your fuel system, you need to be aware of things that may suggest the need for possible professional service.

Fuel injector cleaning work can be a good thing for vehicles of all kinds. It can potentially stop fuel injector destruction from occurring. It can, at the same time, even potentially strengthen the performance of your engine. 

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Keep Your Transmission Lubricated for Optimal Performance

Since replacing a transmission can be a costly repair for your vehicle, at La Porte Mitsubishi, we recommend that drivers pay attention to regular transmission maintenance to prevent small issues from growing larger. Your transmission's air filter and fluid help to keep all transmission components clean and cool so that shifting gears remains smooth. 

Our Mitsubishi service department can help you keep your automatic or manual transmission in good working order by providing a transmission flush and fluid change. 

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Get the Right Parts for Your Mitsubishi From the Dealership

You are in search of car parts that will allow you to fix the vehicle that you have been working on for a while now. Perhaps you need parts that will help your car run well during a routine service visit. Here at La Porte Mitsubishi, we are here to help you get all of the parts that you are seeking at our Mitsubishi parts department.

  • Purchase car parts through our dealership and we will treat you with respect. 
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